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Ayame/Jin;; A proper date


/Gives her a look as well, almost looking as if he was pouting/ I don’t see how accepting a gift isn’t partaking in some indulgence. I have every right to refuse it as well you know. Well that is if you would even let me refuse a gift from you. /Nods quite seriously/ Seeing as I enjoy my time with you very much, anything I do with you is self-indulgence for me. 

/Rubs his chin in thought/ It could be quite the harrowing journey however. Overcoming what is now decades of the tradition of sarcasm bred through centuries in my family. Or at least it has to be. I don’t know if I have it in me though. /Covers his mouth to avoid laughing/

/Chuckles a bit, seeing his little medical humor go through/ Hm, I don’t know what you are talking about. I’m quite serious. /Blinks at the little woman’s expressions of delight at the sight of the two of them, scratching his cheek in thinly veiled embarrassment. As they talk, he takes the time look around around, admiring the cozy little tea place. Until he hears her mention his name/ Ah yes, it’s a pleasure to meet you. /Not exactly sure what else to say, he hestitates/ So… shall we get seated?

If you refused a gift from me I’d probably be a little offended, particularly if said gift was related to my companionship. *Smiles a little bit, about to open her mouth and say something.* … *Decides to accept the roundabout compliment.* Fine. *Kisses his cheek.* As long as you’re having fun. 

Hee hee— * Suppresses her laughter* Just think of it like a genetic disease as  opposed to a tradition. It could be treated…perhaps not cured, but treated. I think…I know just the cure for your ailment. 

*Smiles warmly as he introduces himself and follows as Yun leads them to a booth near the back.* Thank you, Yun. This is lovely. *Turns back to Jin and slides into the booth. Are you hungry, Jin? We already ate, so I was just going to get a little tea.

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Well, I wouldn’t say that…especially if you used your prize-winning apples!

Hee hee! I do wish I could have used those—unfortunatly, they were out of season. But—*Leans in as if she has a great secret to tell.* I did get them from the best orchard-owner I know!

((I think my ask got eaten Dx)) Dr. Ayame! Congratulations on your big win!

Hello, Erik. Thank you so much! ♪ It was terribly unexpected, honestly. 

Hello, could we talk to you about the cooking contest for an article, Miss Ayame?

Oh, I’d love to! Please, come in—Hm, this is exciting, being interviewed for a win. 

Well, what would you like to ask me?

… *sighs, slowly holding out his arm to her, his thumb which seems to be bleeding rather seriously* I was dethorning some roses- but I suppose my mind was elsewhere. I’m very sorry for bothering you, Doctor. You must be so busy—!

*She frowns at the injury.* Oh, no—that doesn’t look good. You’re bleeding badly… *Looks up at him, her face softening at his apology.* I’m a doctor, Cam! Nobody who needs medical help is ever a nuisance! *Steps out from behind the desk and gestures for him to follow her.* Please, come to the back—I’ll fix you up. 

Doctor Ayame? *peeks his head through the door of the clinic, holding his hand to his chest before walking in* Are you here..? *approaches the front desk, seeming almost hesitant to come further inside*

*Looks up from her desk in the back at the sound of the bell, blinking. She smiles to herself when she sees Cam enter the clinic and gets up.*

Hey, kiddo—come in. Don’t be shy. ♥ *Approaches the front desk, hands in her pockets. She takes note of his hand at his chest and furrows her brow with concern.* What’s wrong, Cam? Are you feeling alright?

First place?

*Doubletakes at the scoreboard.* Great goddess—another win!? *Bursts into happy laughter.* Oh, thank you so much! I’m so glad you all liked my pie enough to name it a first place winner. ♥ The village cooking contests must have paid off!

Hm…if I’m good enough at cooking to win…maybe I should cook more at home!

…Nah. I think I’ll still make Hiro do it. 

Tart Apple Pie ♪


*Approaches the table and sets her pie down, along with a knife to slice it with.* Hello, judges. I’m Dr. Ayame from Konohana village. I know I’m a doctor, and typically doctors don’t well known for fantastic cooking—particularly not something as sweet and unhealthy as apple pie—but I’m a bit notorious for my sweet tooth.  Anyways, it’s not that I don’t like to bake—I really enjoy it and did it all the time when I was younger, in fact—I just don’t have the time usually! I set aside some hours to make this for you all, however. My own village has very frequent cooking festivals that I like to enter as well, so I do cook or bake every so often. 

I made for you Tart apple pie! As much as I love the ordinary sweet apple pie, this recipe not only worked better with the ingredients I had available to me— it is unique and delicious, a tasty mixture of sugar, spice and tart, and not as overwhelmingly sweet as normal apple pie! It’s quite fresh, considering I finished this morning. I even dragged myself out of bed early to bake it, and I don’t do that for very many things. 

Here we have the recipe—It really was a fairly simple dessert to make. You need..

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Doctor’s visit; @Gretel


*hums happily seeing her offer’s been acepted and chuckles along* haha, ja, I guess… but it’s always been like this so maybe it’s a little late for me to change anyway, hmhmm~ one does get used to being clumsy!

F-Fractured? Oww… *looks up, trying to remember the exact moment* Let’s see I was trying to climb up these rocks and I lost my footing. My hands slipped too *glances at her hands, full of little scratchs* and… I think I might’ve hit it against something hard when I fell, a rock— nein, wait! I remember falling ON it! *glances at some scratches on her knees* I fell on my knees and my feet was under my weight, ugh, no wonder… i don’t know if that’s enough to fracture it but maybe the hit AND me falling on it? … but I don’t remember hearing any ‘crack’ or anything like that, though. But I was too busy trying not to fall on my head, heh… *manages a small, awkward smile*

*Nods as she explains her story, scribbling down the scenario on her clipboard.* I see. That sounds painful—oh, don’t look so embarassed. It happens to the best of us. You did the right thing trying to protect your head first, however. *Smiles a little, gently examining her injured hand as she speaks.* A fractured head is much more difficult to mend than a fractured hand. You should be thankful your head didn’t hit the rocks!

Either way—we’ll need to take an x-ray of it. I can’t tell if there’s a fracture or not from just a physical exam. If you’re lucky, you’ll just be bruised and sore! Is that alright with you, kiddo?

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